Norton is situated three quarters of a mile to the North East of Cuckney. Norton is a linear village sitting on the old packhorse trail from Mansfield to Worksop. Norton was once a bustling halt, boasting three public houses and a brewery. Superseded, like most old routes by turnpikes and eventually modern A roads, the route was moved to its current position as the A60 at the behest of the fifth Duke of Portland leaving Norton a quiet backwater until recently, when it has become a busy ‘cut through’ via Clumber Park to the A1 in the morning and teatime.

Cuckney is a village in the Bassetlaw district in the northern Nottinghamshire, lying where the A60 and the A616 meet about halfway between Worksop and Mansfield. The historic village sits at the foot of Cuckney Hill, close to the Welbeck Estate, the seat of the Dukes of Portland.

The Church of St Mary Norton Cuckney has its origins in Norman times, and sits adjacent to the site of the ancient Cuckney Castle, a 12th century motte and bailey fortress. Near the church is the Greendale Oak inn, named for a great oak tree though which a hole was cut to allow the first duke of Portland to drive through with a coach and horses to win a bet (or so the story goes!)